How to Build a Planter

Most outdoor furniture’s costly to buy so a lot of people seek information on making their own products. A planter can be the perfect addition to any garden. With just a few tools you can build one on your very own.

Tools required

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Square
  • Circular Saw, or handsaw
  • Drill/driver (including drill bits)

Materials required

  • Treated Pine wood (3*4 & 1*4)
  • Landscape fabric
  • Corrosion-resistant deck screws and nails


  1. Take the measurements of the legs of the planter with the tape measure and secure that each piece is squared. Take the hammer and nail the legs together at right angles.
  2. Measure and cut the pieces for the two inner frames. Then put the inner frames together, so that the outside measurement of each frame measures 14½ * 17½ inches. Then take the 1*4 bottom piece and join it with the bottom inner frame. Screw the legs to the frame so the frame is 3½ inches from one end of the legs.
  3. Turn the planter upside down and attach the outer frame flush with the end of the legs. Then attach the front and side boards to the top and bottom frames so they’re flush with the ends of the frame. Cut the four top pieces so the inside of the miter is flush with the inside of the inner frame and attach it to the top of the planter.
  4. Lastly, you should use the drill to make some holes in the bottom of the planter to allow for drainage and use the landscape fabric to line the planter and fill the planter with soil.

Tips and Warning

  • Don’t drill, shape, or saw any of the components unless it is firmly secured. Always use
  • Safety goggles and glasses whenever you are using your power tools.
  • The treated pine wood will allow the pinewood to last for years
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