How to Build a Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets without a doubt can bring awe and motivate people to want to be in their kitchen. A kitchen without a cabinet would be very unattractive, so having one is a must. Also building a kitchen cabinet is a great way to save money. The steps below give details on how to make your own.

Tools required

  • Tape measure
  • Clamps
  • Drill
  • Table saw

Materials required

  • Paint
  • Plywood
  • Wood putty
  • Polyurethane
  • Cabinet-building Books or pamphlets


  1. Use the tape measure to calculate the dimension of the kitchen where you are going to place the cabinet. Take into consideration where the windows, plumbing, and appliances will go and also the amount of items that will be stored inside, this can give you an idea as to how big you would like it.
  2. Go to your department store, and then select the type of wood you would like to use to build your kitchen cabinet.
  3. Get all your components together such as the drawers and hinges. Choose big drawers that are able to store the maximum amount of goods. The wood piece in the drawers is attached with the help of butt joints, mortise or dovetail.
  4. Choose the type of hinge you would like to use for your cabinet door. If you would like the cabinet door to open at 180 degrees, then use knife hinges, barrel hinges allows the door to open even wider. Other types of hinges include concealed and spring-laden barrel hinges.
  5. Use the tape measure to mark out the plywood and from that cut the top, bottom, side, and top pieces of the cabinet with the table saw
  6. Use the cabinet design and frame the different pieces together, by using the hammer to nail and glue to fasten them together. Use the clamps to hold the frame together until it has dried completely.
  7. Make a hole in the side of the frame using the drill. Use the 1*6 wood lumbers to construct the face frame. The face frame will be the part that the cabinet door will attach to. For every cabinet being made, cut four (4) pieces of 1*6 lumber. Use wood screws to attach the 1*6 lumber to a frame. Drill another hole into the face frame and join it to the cabinet frame with nails. After you have nailed the piece together, cover the holes with wood putty.
  8. Use the plywood to make the doors, and cut out the desired dimensions with a table saw. To allow the doors and easy entry, make it overhang about ΒΌ to 3/8 inch.
  9. Use wood paint and stain the final product, to protect it from water, wear and tear before attaching the doors to the cabinet. Apply a second coat after the first coat has dried, then apply a coat of polyurethane for the final finish.
  10. When the cabinets are dried, attach them to the studs at the kitchen cabinet’s final location. Make sure the cabinet levels in properly before the studs are screwed in. Lastly, attach the doors to the hinges and there you have your very own kitchen cabinet

Tips and Warning

  • You can use various design pamphlets showing various kitchen cabinet designs to inspire the look and feel of your new cabinet.
  • Inspect all wood materials that are used to make your cabinet to ensure they have no damage. Sand all the edges as well.
  • Some woods that are recommended for making cabinets are mahogany, hickory, American red oak, maple or cherry,
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