How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

Cooking on a brick fire pit has the ability to give your food a natural flavor that you may not be used to. A brick fire pit takes very little time to construct and does not require a lot of tools. So by using this article as your guide, go ahead and make a Brick fire pit on your own.

Tools required

  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Chalk
  • Trowel

Materials required

  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Gravel
  • Concrete


  1. Select a location to build your brick fire pit, clear the location of any form of debris or flammable objects then mark off the spot with chalk.
  2. Excavate the area about one foot deep with a shovel, making the pit either a circular or square box-like shape to your preference. Use gravel, concrete, water, and the shovel to make mortar and pour it into the foundation and put in a rebar and allow the middle section of the pit to have a depression that will allow the wood to burn properly.
  3. Use large, wide bricks (these are more sturdy) along with mortar at the base to build around the pit foundation so no space is left between each of them. Then start building the wall of your brick fire pit using the trowel and mortar to join the bricks at each level that you build. Use the handle of the trowel to tap the bricks into place and secure that each brick overlays the other and doesn’t sit directly on top of the other. The fire pit wall will prevent outside elements from outing the fire. The height of the wall should not be made too high so that the food is too high off from the fire therefore, make the wall so that it is a little distance from the center.
  4. You can purchase a grill grate and a mesh covering for your fire pit that is big enough to cover the opening. The grill grate will allow you to use the fire pit as an outdoor barbeque grill and the mesh covering on top of the fire pit will help to prevent burning embers from flying out.
  5. Use wood or lumber pieces to start your fire and start using your brick fire pit to cook whatever you desire.

Tips and Warning

  • Overestimate the amount of bricks that will be needed for the project as you might need extra so have excessive amounts just in case. If you wish you can have the outside of the brick fire pit decorated using paint.
  • Persons should always exercise safety when tending to the fire from a brick fire pit. The flames may go out of control so make sure you wear protective gear and see to it that children are properly supervised when using it.
  • To prevent flying embers from landing on nearby objects use a screen cover.
  • When using a fire pit to cook, different types of wood can give your food different flavors.
  • If you are building your brick fire pit on a surface that is flammable use a large sheet of metal the size of the pit to cover the base. This also helps to stop the surface from blackening from the fire and heat.
  • Depending on the size of the brick fire pit you may need to place another set of bricks around the original structure to add stability.
  • When mixing the mortar, don’t let it get too thick or soft, try and get it into a creamy finish. Premixed concrete may also be used if you wish; this could help you to save time in the construction process.
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