How to Build a Wine Rack

If you love the idea of having friends and family over and entertaining them with the likes of food, fun, and laughter, wine is in most cases will be included as part of that entertainment package. Having your wine stored in a wine rack gives it a more elegant feel and can be a great addition to your kitchen area. And everyone knows that with age wine only gets better and better. Here in this article, we provide the necessary information for making your very own wine rack.

Tools required

  • Table saw
  • Hole saw
  • Tape measure
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil

Materials required

  • Wood
  • Polyurethane


  1. Find out where the wine rack will be placed, so you will know how large you will be able to make it. The larger the space is the more elaborate you can make it and expand on your options. Then make a design of the outlay of the wine rack and try not to make the design too complicated.
  2. The wine rack should be made to allow the wine bottles to be placed in a horizontal position, so they can lie down to maintain their freshness. The reason for this is to prevent debris from the neck section of the bottle and this helps to keep the cork wet. Figure out how many bottles you will store in it at once.
  3. The two ways to store the bottles are either with a flat box slot or a diamond-shaped slot. Decide which you will use and make them big enough to accommodate the number of bottles you plan to store but allow slots where you can only take out one bottle at a time.
  4. Use the tape measure to get the size of the wood pieces according to the wine rack design and mark off the spots on the board with the pencil where you would like to cut. Get the wood surface smooth with the use of sandpaper.
  5. Use the saw and cut out the pieces for the wine rack. For this article, we will use these measurements. Cut two lengths of 6*12 inch pieces for the end panels (side panels) and cut out 3*24 pieces of wood to make two cross rails (to be used to hold the bottles). Then make four notches into the side panels to interlock the two cross rails and the end panels together.
  6. Use a hole saw to cut out the arches (half circles) into the cross rails where the wine will be placed. We need to make several of these arches, one for the body of the bottle and one for the bottleneck. Clamp a fence to the drill press and cut a partial hole away using a hole saw. Make the holes a bit larger than the neck of the wine bottles you intend to store then put the wind rack together to see how it will fit and then disassemble it.
  7. More side panels can be made to stack up on top of this structure to make more space for more wine.
  8. Coat the wood using stain and Polyurethane on the wood before you put the final assembly together to protect the wood material. Allow the first coat to dry and then apply another one.
  9. When all the components are completely dry and ready assemble all the pieces together and you can start putting in your wine bottles.

Tips and Warning

  • One of the easiest ways to get your wine rack built fast yet beautifully designed is to purchase a wine rack kite.
  • Place the wine rack somewhere that can display it openly so its true beauty can be seen.
  • Use wood that is long-lasting for building your wine rack such as oak, cherry, or maple. You would like your wine rack to last for years to come and pass it down to your next generation.
  • Make certain that when purchasing the wood it is free of any staples or nails.
  • Ensure that the wine rack structure is strong enough to support the weight of all the wine bottles at once.
  • Use protective masks, proper gear, and clothing when cutting the boards and always be careful when using equipment.
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