How to Build a Tree House

A tree house can be a great hideaway spot, especially for kids who have a large imagination and yearn for a getaway spot they can relax. A tree house is a lot less complex than you would think because its main component, is already there and is all-natural, a tree. Follow the steps given below and you can construct your very own tree house with some basic tools and items.

Tools required

  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Ladder
  • Post hole digger

Materials required

  • A nice sturdy tree
  • Wood
  • 4*4 Wooden posts
  • Nails and screws (galvanized)
  • Rope
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Carriage bolts
  • Washers


  1. Your first objective is to find a sturdy tree, with a decent height, strong trunk, and roots that go deep into the earth. The branches should be firm enough to be able to sustain a lot of weight. There may also be laws that you have to consider before building your tree house, so research the building codes that may exist for your area.
  2. Make a proper plan that should state all the details and dimensions of the tree house. This will let you know how large and wide it will be.
  3. Use the jigsaw and cut the wood into pieces that can be used as the tree house steps. Then nail the steps onto the tree leading up to where the house will be.
  4. Use the ladder to climb to the top of the tree to start making the flooring of the tree house. Utilize the areas that have a lot of branches to lay the platform that will support the house floor. Build a four-sided frame board and place boards across each branch to make the platform. Use the level to secure that the floor is straight and sturdy.
  5. Use the 4*4 wooden posts to add support to the structure at each corner. Use the post-hole digger to make a hole into the earth where the posts will be. Place the posts in and add gravel and concrete to stabilize the posts.
  6. Attach the tree house framing to the posts with the screws. Then use carriage bolts and washers to secure it firmly.
  7. Constantly check with the plan to secure that construction is going in conjunction with it. Always test to make sure that while adding all the pieces, it is suitable for supporting the weight.
  8. Start making the floor section by setting up the joists for the floor decking. Use the screws to set the joists in place sturdily then start laying the treehouse deck. Make sure the deck is flushed with the edges and the frame is fastened tightly with screws. Make certain there is space left in the flooring section for getting into the tree house when persons are entering and leaving from the wooden steps
  9. Now create the wall of the tree house by placing wooden posts around it and installing studs in the middle and the top section. If you wish u can place wood across the surface to enclose the area or leave it opened as is, with just the post fixtures.
  10. You can also place use a rope as an alternative method to going up and down the tree house. And there you have created your very own tree house.

Tips and Warning

  • When purchasing wood, seek strong ones such as pine, redwood, or oak. These are all light, firm, and durable. These types of wood are not very vulnerable to insects and elements that cause wood to rot.
  • When you are choosing a tree for the tree house, ensure that it is alive and not being infested by parasites that can weaken it. For this, you can also have a professional do an inspection on the tree.
  • You can research from various sources and websites to see the different type’s tree house designs to widen your concepts and ideas but simple designs are the most recommended.
  • If construction becomes complicated consult a professional who can assist you to finish your tree house project.
  • You can place flags and different decorations to make your tree house more appealing.
  • Monitor the tree house to make sure only the amount of weight it was designed to take equates to the number of persons in it at a time.
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