How to Build a Trailer

A trailer is usually a compartment that is attached to the rear of a motor vehicle (usually a truck) so it can be used to move around other objects or vehicles. The trailer is made in a way that it can be attached to other vehicles. Trucks are normally used because they have more power to carry more and heavier goods. This article will show you how to make a trailer on your own, so you can also have a way to transport your products.

Tools Required

  • Cutting torch
  • Clamps
  • Wrench
  • Welder
  • Hammer

Materials Required

  • Axle
  • Wheel with tires
  • Angle irons


  1. The first step to making a proper trailer is to assemble the main frame. For this, you will use the welder and cut-off saw. Check that the flatness and shape are suitable. The length should be at least 16 feet, which is normally suitable to hold most cars and trucks.
  2. The next step entails installing the axle, the trailer can use two or more of these. Position the axle towards the center of gravity. It must be centered on the frame. Then calculate the weight of the tongue. Secure that the length between the hitch and the wheel is equal so that the tracking is straight.
  3. The axle and the tongue should be checked so it is squared and centered with the frame. The axle must be in line with the frame’s center line.
  4. Mount the tongue to the crossbar by placing the frame upside down and making sure it is ahead of the axle. The solid round bar at the end of the square tube forms the tongue.
  5. Use the two mounting tabs with ½ inch holes with the round bar for the pivot action.
  6. Weld on heavy gauge metal plates or construction grade metal purling to cover the entire trailer frame according to its length and width. Get metal plates that provide traction when carrying vehicles because they can slide when driving.
  7. Use a latch and connect it to something so it doesn’t fall out of place, this helps to prevent the trailer from tilting. Use the welder to fasten small steel rods which will be used for the fenders to the back and side to strengthen the overall frame. Re-enforce the fender with the angle irons which also work as mounting points.
  8. The welded angle irons make the vertical pieces for the back and along with boards can also be used to make the gates for the trailer system.
  9. Install the trailer wheels onto the trailer and ensure that all the components are rust-free.

Tips and Warning

  • Heavy-duty truck axles are recommended for building a trailer because they are designed to maintain a large amount of weight and give a smoother ride.
  • Using two or more axles normally provides a lot more support and shock absorption than just using one so two is normally recommended.
  • Trailers that will be used to transport cars should be about 100 inches in width and wider for trailers that will be used as mobile homes. Making this axle may require you to cut and weld back the middle section of an axle to adjust the size.
  • If you do not make the fenders on your own, they can be bought at any local auto parts store.
  • Sometimes there are legal matters concerning converting axles to be used on trailers, so research and consult the proper authority to be aware of that.
  • Because constructing this mechanism can be very hectic and time-consuming, we suggest having two or more volunteers help with lifting and fitting together.
  • If the metal plate surface of the trailer does not come with anything to provide texture for traction, use a blow torch and run across the surface. This process will create slight lumping to create traction.
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