How to Build a Loft Bed

Loft beds have the ability to transform any small room into a cozy and spacious bedroom. It provides extra space because the bed is built upwards and provides space at the base.

Some persons also improvise on their loft beds by adding even shelves under their lofts. Making one is quick and easy, two or more persons can get together to make one. And with the instructions below this can be made even easier.

Tools required

    • Hammer
    • Nail gun

Materials required

  • Plywood (board)
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Lag bolts


  1. Get the size mattress that you’re going to use to build the loft bed. Place them on the floor to determine the size of the box you’re going to construct to place the bed in. Use a 2*6 piece of wood to build the sides and the base covering of the box. Try to allow a little space between the box and the mattress.
  2. Connect the plywood to the base of the loft bed box using drywall screws.
  3. The builder should decide how high you would like to make the loft and make the posts of the loft bed accordingly. Create the posts so they extend a little above the bed. Ensure each post is cut and made the same length and proportion so it is balanced. You can cut pieces of board to make the posts then place the posts in their rightful position.
  4. Construct the posts together; screwing a board across the top and use four other board pieces to nail across the width of the posts at the middle to add extra support to the bed.
  5. A group of persons should now take the box and place it on top of the loft posts using the lag bolts.
  6. Use one-inch thick wood slates applied to two flat boards to make a ladder. Make sure each slat is 10 – 12 inches apart from each other. You can attach the ladder to the loft bed by using screws to make sure the ladder is not disconnected. Make sure the base of the ladder is sturdy.

Tips and Warning

  • Some people place other accessories underneath their loft bed such as computer desks and computers. This again saves a lot of space in a smaller area.
  • Make sure the wood used is vanished and painted as a re-enforcement for the wood to make it more durable.
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