How to Build a Column Footing

Dating back to the ancient days, the column has been used as a re-enforcement for many infrastructures but has also been recognized as a work of art representing a sense of style and grandeur. A column footing is used as the base to secure a column. Shown below are the necessary tools and steps to make one of your very own.

Tools required

  • Shovel
  • Masonry brush gloves
  • Masonry brush
  • 5-gallon pail

Materials required

  • Wood (including 2*4 ply)
  • Cement
  • Rubber cement
  • Water


  1. Create a basic design of how you would like your column footing to look.
  2. Dig a hole using the shovel where the column footing is going to be placed, then dig an area around the column hole where the footing will be placed. Make the hole 12 inches deep and about 2 – 3 inches wider than the base of the column.
  3. Make a frame for each side of the foot by using a 2*4 inch board. Then cut the plywood to fit the frame then fasten them together.
  4. Use a custom-made or purchased ‘form’ to fasten to the plywood and attach the lip of the form to the top of the plywood. Then fasten a form on the outside edge of the frame and which will keep the cement in.
  5. Coat the inside part of the frame (the panels) with quick-drying rubber cement and allow it to set. Use the shovel to mix two batches of cement, with and without gravel. Take smooth cement (without gravel) using the pail and full the frame below the edge of the outside walls. Then lay another layer of cement (now with gravel) 4 inches deep into the 12 inches hole for the column.
  6. Now that you have mixed the cement you will place the column footing in it. Then allow it to set and dry until it is firm. After which you will remove the frame and form from the hardened cement then peel the rubber away. When this is done allow the column to air dry.
  7. There may be empty gaps so use smooth cement to fill in the gaps. Put on masonry gloves and use a masonry brush to brush the final product so everything is smooth.

Tips and Warning

  • When placing the column inside the cement, ensure that it is straight by using a string tied with a bolt to make sure it’s vertically aligned.
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