How to Build a Brick Grill

Its summer; the kids are playing in the pool and your friends are liming having drinks and catching up on old times. You wish you could just fire up a grill and cook some hamburgers or steaks but you don’t have a grill.

A brick grill while costly is more durable than its metal counterpart which is susceptible to rust. Additionally, with the right tools a brick grill is very easy to construct.

Required tools

  • trowel
  • hammer
  • shovel
  • level
  • stakes
  • string
  • chisel

Required Materials

  • bricks (fire bricks and regular bricks)
  • sand
  • gravel
  • rocks
  • water
  • quick-set cement
  • steel


  1. Carefully determine the location, design and size of your grill. (most grill are in the shape of a squared “[”)
  2. Using the shovel, dig the foundation according to the desired design. (ensure that the depth is at least 1 foot deep)
  3. Carefully mix the sand and cement with to get your mixture. Its usually 3 parts sand to one part cement. You can add some gravel to this mixture for stability.
  4. Gently pour the cement mixture into the foundation and allow drying for at least 24 hrs. Lay a few steel bars horizontally on the floor of the foundation to boost stability. Be sure to not pour the mixture all the way up to ground level. Use the level to ensure that the mixture is perfectly aligned horizontally.
  5. After the foundation has dried, mix more sand and cement for the laying of the bricks.
  6. Add enough of the cement mixture to the bottom and sides of the bricks and install them according to your design. Use the level to ascertain that the horizontal and vertical surfaces are perfectly even. You can use the handle of the trowel to tap down any bricks that are not flush as well to smooth down the mixture.
  7. Continue to lay on the rest of bricks in the above fashion until you’ve completed. Ensure that the brick are not laid directly on top of each other as this could negatively affect the grill’s strength. Instead lay each brick half way the other.
  8. Install the metal cross pan at the desired level which will serve as your fire tray.
  9. Also at the desired height, install the grill pin to hold Your browser may not support display of this image. the grill in place.
  10. Decorate the grill according to your taste.


  • Leave a few small spaces in the walls of the pit along the cross pan. This will allow air to flow through to aid the fire.
  • Determine the predominant wind direction before constructing the grill. Ensure the open area of the grill is not placed directly into the path of the wind.


  • Ensure to ask about the moisture content of the materials you use as frequent heating and cooling may result in breakage if too much water is present.
  • Use proper safety gear such as protective eyewear and hand gloves when constructing the grill.
  • Ensure that the construction of a brick grill is permitted by the local authority in your area.
  • Take the proper precautions when using your grill such as keeping flammable liquids away from children.
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