How to Build a Wind Turbine

Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and through mechanical energy convert it into clean efficient energy. This is done through a rotating blade that spins with the movement of the wind and goes through a generator which converts that rotation into electricity. A lot of people are not using these alternative energy sources as a way of receiving alternative sources of energy for household use, in order to reduce their energy bills.

Tools required

  • Voltmeter
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Circular dowel

Materials required

  • Plywood
  • Glue
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Electrical tape
  • Eye screw
  • Washers


  1. Take a piece of paper and cut it into two (2) circles with a radius of 6 inches then glue them together so that each circle is halfway across the other half circle. Use the paper on the cardboard and trace around the edges to cut out that exact shape into the cardboard.
  2. Make a circle into the plywood with a 6-inch radius and mark two (2) 90-degree angle lines on it to find the center of the circle. Then use the drill to make a hole into the plywood at the center and use the screwdriver to put in the wood screw. Then measure 8 cm from the center in opposite directions. This will act as the base of the wind turbine.
  3. Connect the two (2) 30cm long square vertical supports with glue and ensure that they are vertical. Find out where the middle of the horizontal frame is and insert the eye screw in it, this will form the foot support of the wind turbine at the base. Slide the circular dowel through the eye screw onto the screw on the base. And then use the glue to fasten the horizontal member in place.
  4. Form a 30*20 cm jig by wrapping corrugated cardboard around itself and securing it with electrical tape. 40 cm of extra space should be left on both ends of the cardboard and wrap 200 rounds of wire around the jig. Go ahead and repeat this step four (4) times so that enough space is left between each wrap.
  5. Now take the jig and remove each wire coil from it and tape it with electrical tape. Rub off 15mm of enamel from the ends of each coil and use the voltmeter to test for current. Use the center-point likes as the center axes for the ovular coils on the base. Take the coils and lay them onto the base lengthwise along the axis line.
  6. Wire each coil to its adjacent coil in the series and then use the LED in a clockwise position as the start and ending point. Join all the coils together at the base with glue so that none of the parts can be caught by the propeller.
  7. Take another piece of cardboard and use the knife to cut a disc, 6cm in size, and then mark the center of the disc with a 90-degree line. Make a hole into the center of the disc and glue clean washers to the endpoints of the center lines.
  8. Take the plastic bottle and cut it in half lengthwise and then join back the two sides with glue to match the disc shape from step 1. Use glue to join the two discs so that both ends are closed together. Make a hole in the ends of the disc and insert the circular dowel. Put the dowel into the magnetic disc hole so that the magnets face the wire coils and secure that the dowel has a sharpened point on the bottom end.

Tips and Warning

  • Check with your local authorities before making the wind turbine to make sure you are not violating any community regulations.
  • with the time invested in making a wind turbine, the power gained from these power appliances so people can save money on their energy bill.
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