How to Build a Waterfall

A simple waterfall has the capacity to bring life to any outdoor setting.

Tools required

  • Shovel
  • Level

Materials required

  • Sump pump
  • Pond liner
  • Rocks
  • Tubing
  • Planter


  1. Research and source various waterfall designs that you can use to implement or influence your homemade waterfall. This should designate all the necessary measurements to be used for construction.
  2. Analyze the area where the waterfall will be situated to secure that it is leveled and clear it of any form of debris, then excavate the area using a shovel according to design plans. Use the pond liner to line up the base of the pond and leave extra space to accommodate plants.
  3. Organize the rocks to be used to construct a wall to your desired height at one end of the pond where it descends on a slope, so the water can trickle down. Seal the rocks with black waterfall foam so it doesn’t flow underneath them but over and around them. Lay other rocks in and around the pond as well and then install the sump pump behind the rocks.
  4. The pump will now transport water from the top of the waterfall. Then install the tubing and the biological filter. The tubing will run from the planter so the water can trickle onto the rocks and the biological filter will help to keep the water crystal clear, resulting in a cleaner, healthier pond.
  5. Connect all the devices to the electrical supply and watch the pump

Tips and Warning

  • Flat rocks are ideal for making the side wall for the pond.
  • You may have to revisit the plans for your landscape to make sure the area you want the waterfall to be in has no electrical or plumbing fixtures that could be affected in the building process.
  • When you are building your waterfall, strive to ensure that the size of your construction fits in with the surrounding features and does not mess up the balance of your overall garden design. Some people want a huge waterfall that may not necessarily blend in with their environment.
  • An alternative to using rocks for the waterfall is using a fiberglass-modeled waterfall. If you still decide to use rocks ask a volunteer to help with the lifting.
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