How to Build a Secret Compartment

It can be said that everyone has something that would like to keep safe or hide from the world. A secret compartment allows you to have somewhere that can store things that may be precious to us that we wish others not to see. A secret compartment can be made or installed almost anywhere and in almost anything. This article will provide some information as to how you can have a secret compartment of your own.

Tools required

  • Knife
  • Drill
  • Razor

Materials required

  • Shoes
  • Wall (Hollow)
  • A thick book
  • Washer


  1. Decide where you want to make the secret compartment. This may depend on what you would like to conceal. The size of the object will most likely be a big determining factor in how and where the compartment will be built.
  2. For this article, we will use a hollow space that may be found almost anywhere in your house. Tap along the walls to find out where all the hollow spaces are.
  3. Now make a hole by using a coping saw. Try and make the hole as neat as possible because remember it will have to be concealed at a later time, so try not to make it look suspicious. Also, make the hole smaller than the object you plan to hide.
  4. Then use something that draws little suspicion to cover the area. A good example of this would be a picture frame or a rack of any kind.
  5. Another great place to put a secret item is on the heel of a shoe. Find one of your shoes that has a thick heel, then lift the pad from the inside of the shoe and cut out a space with a knife and a drill then place the object inside and glue back the flap onto it. No one will ever know
  6. Books have also been used for secret compartments. Just use a knife to cut out the middle area of the book and place what you need to and tape it up.
  7. Create a secret compartment in a drawer section of your desk. Use a razor to cut a liner, using the same type of wood used to make the desk. Make the liner the exact size of the base of the drawer. Take a washer and glue it to each corner of each base of the drawers (including the secret compartment). Install a magnet onto the false drawer so it can be pushed up to be opened.

Tips and Warning

  • If you want to keep your secret compartment be sure not to inform anyone or access it when persons are around who will see you when you try to access a hidden item.
  • When making a secret compartment for your desk, if you are not able to source the same type of wood you may try to revarnish or repaint the desk so everything blends in.
  • You can also make the secret compartment in the drawer so that a pen can be inserted into a hole to have it opened.
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