How to Build a Pitching Mound

A pitching mound is an elevation of soil formed to create a small plateau and is used in sports like baseball. As simple as it sounds, it requires proper workmanship and the right equipment to make it suitable. Normally a group of individuals would attempt this task so following the instructions below will tell you how to achieve building your own

Tools required

  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Roller press
  • String
  • Tape measure

Materials required

  • Rubber mat
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Slit


  1. The first step is to source and mix all your necessary soil materials the right way using a wheelbarrow and a shovel. This requires equal amounts of sand and clay by using a measuring container. After that, you will layer the ground material an inch at a time.
  2. Mark off an 18-inch diameter area with the material that was put together and make the soil firm by using the roller press. This should be continued until it reaches 1 inch in height, start measuring 10 inches from the front of the 18-inch circle and put a stake at this point.
  3. Tie a string to the stake and measure 17 inches from it and attach another stake to it. Walk a circle around the first stake and allow the stake at the free end to mark the area which is covered. Normally the part that has a more pronounced slope will be to the back of the pitching mound, so fill this area with 1 inch of packed mound material. While making the mound, for every inch you move in you should move towards the center stake by 1 inch. This will result in the mound being 10 inches high.
  4. The last layer of the mound should measure 10” 6” from the front of the pitching mound and a stake should be placed there. Then place a second stake five feet at the back of the mound. To the left and right edges, four more stakes should be placed at the top layer, that area of the mound should be filled with ½ inch soil material. Use the roller press until the surface is firm
  5. The area above should be 5 inches wide and 10½ inches from the ground level. The slop should descend 1 inch per foot.
  6. Mark where the stake is and measure the center of the mound area. Then measure 2 inches from the front of the mound going inwards to that same stake. Put the pitching mat (rubber) at that point and roll it into the top layer of the soil.

Tips and Warning

  • Pay close attention to the dimension and construction of the pitching mound; to secure it is built the right way. Once there are errors, it may not be so easy to rectify.
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