How to Build a Outhouse

For those who don’t have the comfort of plumbing facilities in their home. An outhouse is seen as the next best alternative. It ensures cleanliness and protection from bacteria and infection and is also ideal for campsites or cabins. The information for making on is provided below.

Tools required

  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Tape measure

Materials required

  • PVC piping and flange
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Roofing paper and shingles
  • Corner posts (4*4)
  • Wood stock (2*4 and 1*4)


  1. Find a nice cool spot where you would like to make your outhouse. The area should be leveled and a good distance away from any form of running water or general traffic.
  2. The next step is to make some horizontal rib structures for the basic structure of your outhouse using 3*3 pieces of board. The frame of the outhouse will consist of the base, the roofing, and the seating system. Use the hammer and nails to fasten them together. Use a 2*4 board to make two lateral feet for the outhouse to sit on.
  3. Now we will complete the exterior outhouse frame by placing four (4) 4*4 corner posts. Then drill and bolt the frames to the corner support. Secure that the posts are very light so that the outhouse can be easily relocated.
  4. Now it is time to create the seating system. Make the hole of the seat rectangular in shape anywhere from 8 – 10 inches wide or 18 – 20 inches long and place the seating rib about 14 inches or more away from the floor, depending on who the main users are. Then attach the seat to the framing rib of the outhouse.
  5. Make the walls for the outhouse by using canvas material and connect it to the roof line. See to it that the walls run along the ribs and corner posts of the outhouse.
  6. Get the measurements of the support beams and use boards to fasten on top of the roof and make a hole in it as the source of ventilation for the outhouse. The roofing should be covered with roofing paper and shingles. A PVC piping will also extend to the roof as part of the ventilation system. Either wood or canvas can be used to make the door for the outhouse, according to your preference.
  7. At the area of the outhouse we will now dig a pit approximately five (5) feet deep and 3*3 feet in length and width using the shovel. Then place the outhouse over the hole. Use dirt to close up any loose spaces around the outhouse where the wall boards meet the earth.

Tips and Warning

  • When making an outhouse, it should be at least 100 yards away from any form of water supply so that the waste is far away.
  • When making the seats take into consideration that most people sit comfortably with their knees above their hips.
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