How to Build a Closet

A closet is always seen as an important piece of furniture in anybody’s home. Having a nice-sized closet in your room can make a big difference between how well your clothing is organized and prepared for when you need them. Creating a closet on your own could give u the flexibility of customizing it to your own liking. So these instructions will guide you to having your own self-made.

Tools required

  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Nail
  • Screws
  • Air gun, air hose, and compressor

Materials required

  • Wood
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Doors (bi-fold or singular) with metal tracks


  1. Make some sketches as to how you would like your closet to look, with details to size and design. Use an actual wall as the back wall of the closet and measure the area you will be using to build it (using the tape measure), such as the floor to determine how far and long the closet will extend from the wall.
  2. Make notes of the dimensions on the floor using masking tape or pencil markings and then cut the closet walls from a 2*4 piece of wood the same length as how far the closet will be from the wall.
  3. The closet frames are made by assembling the studs. Firstly, cut the studs about 3¾ inches less than the height of the ceiling. Then cut the headers and top plates which govern the entrance section in accordance with the desired size.
  4. Install the studs to the marked areas where the walls of the closet will be installed then have the closet walls nailed to the studs using an air hose and air gun with a compressor (or hammer). Use 1½ inch – 2-inch broad nails.
  5. Take the closet walls made from the 2*4 boards and have them fastened to each stud, covering the exterior surface of the closet using the air gun (if not just use a hammer).
  6. Take the closet rod cup holders and screw them into the 1*4 side stringers to the two opposite sides that are furthest from each other. This will provide support for the closet rods and then put up the rod support brackets using 1½ inch screws.
  7. Shelves can be made by cutting the board sheets to the desired size and lengths across the width of the closet and using nails or screw to put them together, one on top of the other. A metal t can also be used as a support for some of the shelves.
  8. Now you can up hang the doors with the metal tracks, whether singular or bi-fold doors.
  9. Lastly to give it a finished look, just add a coat of primer and paint to the wood. This will also add protection from wear and tear.

Tips and Warning

  • Building a closet against an existing wall in a corner lessens the amount of construction needed.
  • If they’re any trimmings on the wall they should be removed before construction starts on the closet.
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