How to Build a Chaise Lounge

Whether sitting on the patio or by the poolside at home, chaise lounges provide the perfect opportunity for people to relax and stretch their legs in the comfort of their homes where family and friends can enjoy each other’s company. Creating one can be hard but can also be fun and give people a chance to explore their creative side while allowing spending to be minimized.

Tools required

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Router
  • Hammer
  • Drill equipped with the full drill set
  • Circular or table saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding block

Materials required

  • Screws
  • Tack nails
  • Dowel
  • Wood 2*4, 1*3, and 1*2 (oak, teak, maple, cherry just to name a few)


  1. Firstly a plan will have to be drawn showing the size and dimensions in which the wood will be cut for each layout and piece of the chaise lounge.
  2. After the plan is assembled, use the tape measure and the pencil to ensure the lengths of the wood pieces are correct.
  3. Then the frame pieces of the chair can be cut using the saw. You can start with the base frame which will call for two (2) 2*4 boards cut approximately 6 inches long. The back frame of the chaise lounge will need two (2) 2*4 boards cut approximately 4 inches long.
  4. The pieces to be used to sit and lean on require a 1*2 stock and should be cut to approximately 2 – 6 inches long. Cut the dowel so that it’s the same length and add 4 inches for the width of the 2*4 boards. Follow the same procedure when using the four (4) 1*3 boards used for the seat and back end caps.
  5. To make the backrest supports you will need to cut two (2) 1*3 pieces. The length of it should be the same as the longest leg of a right-degree triangle, starting from the base where the backrest begins. Then cut two (2) 1*2 boards from approximately 4 inches behind the backrest that reaches the end of the frame of the seat. Make half circles by cutting into these boards every few inches, these circles later on will be used to make the chair recline.
  6. You then can move on to create the legs and the arms of the chaise lounge, Take four (4) 2*4 boards which can be cut to whatever height or style you choose. The elbow part however should be tapered down to approximately 2 inches. Cut two vertical support pieces, this piece will determine how high the armrests will be. Drill holes in it to insert screws that will attach horizontal and vertical pieces.
  7. All the pieces for the chaise lounge should be properly sanded with the use of sandpaper and sanding block, stained then painted so it seals the wood surface from wear and tear.
  8. After all the pieces are properly and carefully treated, they can now be assembled. Take the end pieces of the two frame sections into the 2*4 side frame pieces and drill and screw the pieces together with the screws.
  9. Drill and screw in the chaise lounge legs to the seat frame.
  10. Drill a one-inch hole in the seat to place the dowel at the back of the intersection and nail the back pieces of the seat. Use the dowels to attach the backrest supports.
  11. Drill and screw seat and backrest slats to the frame (this allows seat movement). Then use the hammer to nail the backrest support piece to the seat frame and then attach the backrest supports to the backrest dowels.

Tips and Warning

  • Oak wood is normally preferred when making chaise lounges because it can withstand most environmental elements such as wind, sun, and rain. Teak, maple, or cherry are also recommended.
  • Wooden pieces used to make the base and back frame of the chaise lounge can be cut longer than instructed depending on the preference of the builder.
  • Different materials can also be used to make the arms and legs of the chaise lounge according to your taste.
  • Chaise lounges which are used on patios in most cases are made with higher armrests.
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